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Plaimanas is a specialist web design agency based in Bangkok. Our aim is to create website & graphic design with intelligence, integrity and craft that both we and our client can be proud of.

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SneakTheStreet by SneakaVilla is a vanguard lifestyle blog of Thailand kids, who passionate in street fashion. View project

O Thongthai is a talent jewelry designer, We don't want to distract her work with graphic element. then created online store with basic layout. View project

PP Group has gained expertise in building luxurious brands in Thai market. We developed this project with responsive Wordpress CMS. View project

Gameover : Stamp x YMCK Interactive music video that can change ending scene with your decision, The project of Eyedropper fill, The talent visual design company. View project

Leonardo Arte Gallery is the best of 2015, Great technology with the same taste client. They understand what we want to do. View project

O Terawat TERAWAT TEANKAPRASITH is an awesome illustrator in our age. This project we work with Tarida nimman. We don't want to distract his artworks by traditional website layout, then we created the special loop for him. View project

Room 111 Corporate identity & Signage for co-working space in Bangkok, Simplicity is the main message. Inspired by formal document with anomaly sizing. View project

Mercedes Benz Talingchan Graphic design and Prints for special occasion, Experimental with print's technic to represent characteristic of Talingchan branch. View project

Everythinghound by Greyhound Café — Design and development for new lifestyle grocery by popular restaurant Greyhound Café. This is a Wordpress with responsive development. View project

Grandprix Sunbeams is a private reference for a mystrious guy from UK. We design this site with a typically gentleman philosophy that many have come to adore. View project

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