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Plaimanas is a design and coding agency based in Bangkok. We aim to create a memorable, functional, and beautiful digital and branding experiences that both we and our clients can be proud of.

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Boonrawd Farm View project

Siam Spirits & Wine has redefined image of spirits in Thailand. The signature products present unique characteristic and become the art piece showcasing Thai. View project

Viewzfinder View project

Ippudo created a new ramen trend in Japan and spread the ramen culture around the world through bowls. View project


Chang Art direction & Photography View project


Etude Better lips talk View project

Godaypoets View project


Federbrau Art direction & Photography View project

Project No. 143 View project

Vespa Long Project View project

Carnest Branding View project


GLOC is an alternative multi-brand store. Gloc = authentic, alternative, curated, sincere. View project

VVON SUGUNNASIL (First show’s invitation card) We integrated the website and SMS system to send an individual invitation card that shows the guest name and sent it to 500 people in 1 second. View project

Thesiscrisis The creation of leather bags with unique design, modern artistic, colourful, hybrid and fun. View project

Wind Energy Holding View project

Muangboran Museum The world's largest private outdoor museum. Research for Renovation, Restatement for Reinvention, Rejuvenation for Reincarnation View project

Meridian V.S.O.P. is an excellent mark of superior taste for the new generation of whiskey lovers. View project


Mi Manera is a conceptual jewelry line founded on the collective ideas of modern and timeless senses. View project

Century R is a private investment company with over $800 million in assets under management. We created website and digital materials. View project

Mercedes Benz is committed to excellence and is taking all endeavors to be the most successful automobile supplier along with a highly efficient customer oriented service and environmental-friendly performance based on continuous improvement. View project

Mercedes Benz

Leica The legendary status of the Leica brand is founded on a long tradition of excellence in the construction of lenses and optical devices. And today, in combination with innovative technologies, Leica products continue to guarantee better pictures in all situations in the worlds of visualisation and perception. We created website / E-commerce / Booking form them. View project


Vetements over the past few years, has shaken up the contemporary fashion sphere, with its print-rich garments, eclectic collaboration partners, signature footwear and oversized fits, amongst so much more. - We create website for them. View project


Magpie CafĂ© The Eurasian Magpie is considered one of the most intelligent animals in the world. It is known to collect beautiful objects and hoard all the precious finds in it’s nest. We created branding and website for them View project

Magpie Café

Jardin de la boutique The Alchemy of Scents Harmony of your mind, Spiritual of your life. Scents has more seductive power than words, actions or looks. Nothing can be compared to its power. We created Branding to reflect philosophy and represent unique visual. View project

Jardin de la boutique

Slow café Corporate identity & Packaging design for Slow café, Bangkok View project

Slow café

RootsBKK is a small team of coffee enthusiasts who want to serve customers good coffee; one that doesn’t only taste ‘good’ but also reflect the goodwill and good intentions that go into every cup. View project


Papaya is Thailand’s largest museum-like antique store covering a massive area of 4 stories filled with million pieces of furniture and decoration. Papaya has been in business for almost half a century.  View project


Yoonevers is an online retail platform, specialise in whimsical decorations, accessories or office supplies from young and talented independent designers. We created corporate identity and website for her. View project


Cafe Mademoiselle Art Direction / Photography / Print design View project

Cafe Mademoiselle

BANGKOKCITYCITY – Nawapol’s poster One of poster series for BANGKOKCITYCITY gallery. Art direction & Branding by Eric Hu. View project

BANGKOKCITYCITY – Nawapol’s poster

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